Abandoned bikes around New York take up what little bike parking we have. Help fix it.


Take a picture of a dead bike
on the street with Instagram.


Caption the photo with the
location and #deadpedalNY
Make sure “Add photo to map" is checked.


We'll send your dead bike photos and locations to the City regularly to show them how big the problem is
and get them to change their removal policies to clean them up faster.

The last 30 deadpedal submissions.


What classifies as an abandoned bicycle:

1. It appears to be crushed or totally broken.

2. Important parts are missing other than seat or wheel.

3. The handlebars or pedals are messed up, or the fork, frame, or rims are bent.

4. 75 percent of the bicycle is rusted.

New York has some of the worst bike parking in the country. Those dead bikes you see abandoned, parted out, and locked to prime parking spaces are a big part of the problem.

The Dead Pedal project lets you help out by just snapping a quick photo with instagram.

Simply snap a photo with instagram, and tag it with #deadpedalNY.

You take the picture of a dead bike and hashtag it and we make sure that the city knows where to focus their abandoned bike removal efforts.

If you happen to own an abandoned bike and would like to donate what's left of it to a good cause please check out recycle a bicycle. They can even come pick up your abandoned bike in some cases.